The Guide to Travelling with Essential Oils

It's been a really tough week for me...Deciding if I should snorkel, kayak, paddle board or read my book in the sun? A trip to the islands in Fiji brings that kind of stress on.

Shall I have poached eggs? scrambled eggs or an omelette from this ‘egg chef’ at the Breakfast buffet? Mango or watermelon? Oh what the heck, I'll take it all!

Yes, my family and I took a well deserved, beautiful, relaxing break in the tropics to celebrate my dear Mums 60th. It was glorious, however, no trip with children (or myself) would ever be complete without a few hiccups.

After landing in Fiji we were put on a ferry to a remote Island that has very intermittent interent, no TV’s, no shops and no Doctors. It was pure beauty and lots of fun, however, there were a few issues that arose. First up, My son’s eczema popped up as he indulged in ice cream (as you do on holiday) and the heat didn't help his situation either. I became really excited about the sun and possibly fried myself a little too long, which lead to a light bout of sun stroke, my brother indulged a little to much in the cocktails and suffered a gnarly headache the next day, I did a workout in the sand which resulted in a huge blister on the bottom of my toe from walking too far in the sand and my son got a wee coral cut on his foot. My other brother had a terrible cough, and hubby got some sports induced Asthma from running around on the tennis court all to much, oh and I (in all my glory) also had my period turn up…headaches, cramps and lethargy (it was worse because we were travelling!) With no pharmacy on hand to deal to our needs, the family started to worry a little.

None of these issues were predicted (bar the womanly monthly habit), and there was no doctor on the island, so suddenly it was all down to me and my Essential Oils kit! 

Never fear, I was more than happy to oblige. You know me - love a good chance to spread the Essential oil love. The oils I use are doTERRA essential oils and are all certified pure therapeutic grade (meaning they have no additives, and have not been striped of their purities). 

First up the oils are all 15ml or under, so totally legal for plane flying, as long as in a clear bag. EASY! This meant on the plane when children's ears were hurting (and mine!!) we could whack some "Breathe" blend on our wrists and our airways were clear for take off and landing - no need for sugary chuppa chupps (lollipops) or plane lollies to suck on to help your ears!

I also doused myself and my family in the "On Guard" blend. I like to think of this as our immunity shield (as the name suggests) You know how you always catch a bug off the plane? Well this is such a great way to avoid that, it's like your immunity fort, helping to prevent you from catching whatever has made its way into the air conditioning!

Easy to travel with. You won't catch me out without this combo!

Easy to travel with. You won't catch me out without this combo!

When I scored my massive blister and my son cut his foot on coral, we put a drop of "on Guard" blend into the skin and then I knew they were safe from anything nasty getting inside the skin. Last thing we needed were any infections. I believe this helped speed up the healing process. I then put a drop of Lavender on the wounds each morning and night to keep the inflammation down. They were all healed up within 2 days.

Lime oil in the water, helps cellulite (!!!) tastes amazing and refreshes life. Perfect for so many different reasons. The pina coladas tasted even better with a dash of lime in them (oh and it meant there would be no more cellulite right?!) Either way it was a refreshing way to alkalize our systems and help the kidneys flush out any toxins. Lemon also works a treat in the water bottle on the beach.

A few mosquitos during our bush walks to the top of the island made for some nasty bites. We cured them with lavender. Took the itch away immediately and they were gone within 12 hours. The next times we headed into the tropical bush we were all lathered up with a drop of "Terra shield" in our coconut oil, all over our bodies. No one received any more bites after that, AND we didn't have to deal with those nasty bug sprays that fill your lungs with all kinds of chemicals!

The Peppermint oil cured many a headache, and when my brother started to suffer from a migraine we put some peppermint and some "Deep blue" on the back of his neck and he was happy within 20 minutes. These oils are amazing!!!

"Breathe" throat drops are a must have on hand for those tickles.

"Breathe" throat drops are a must have on hand for those tickles.

My silly period was a hell bender this time. Weird as since becoming a clean eater all my symptoms had disappeared (hmmm maybe I did have a few too many cocktails after all) anyway, doTERRA's "Clarry Calm" monthly blend had me sorted. It aided my bloating and minimised my cramping. It sorted my mood out and generally  made me feel a whole heap better. I love this stuff and never leave home without it. Its great for ovulation pains, bloating, moods leading into menstruation and then all the fun that comes with menstruation as well.

You know how you get really, really dry on the airplane and in the hotel air conditioning? This citrus bliss hand lotion - filled with no nasties, not only moisturise intensely but it also uplifts everyones mood. Citrus is a mood enhancer and when people are tired and cranky from travelling this was a godsend!

"Digest-zen" Blend (don't you just love that name!) was used by the entire family to support over eating (not that you ever do that on holiday!) and to help indigestion. It also helped calm my sons stomach ache when he accidentally ate some gluten.

As some of our gang had travelled from other time zones they found it a little difficult to zone out at night, I remedied that with the "serenity" blend, and Roman Chamomile Essential oil. I even scored a huge hug from my little bro for helping him have such a great nights sleep!

Last of all, the "Breathe" throat drops were fantastic for all suffering from a sore throat (again air conditioning) and it meant nothing lead to any further infection! I think it's safe to say "Breathe" is my favourite oil for families.

So...all in all...the pharmacy free 7 days was absolutely fine. Just goes to show, you don't always need the pharmaceuticals to get by.  A natural way to stay healthy feels awesome on the inside and out. Of course, these statements are all subject to mine and my families experience with the oils, and I am not making any claims that they will heal anything...however I 100% believe they aided all of our symptoms and I think my family were mildly surprised at how effective nature can be.

*This is not an ad for doTERRA, and we are in no way endorsed for this post. I just felt it really important and quite inspiring to know that we could make it through with nothing but nature!



Written by Jess Eastwood