You need to Kick those sugar blues

Nigel Latta is ‘The Man’ as far as I am concerned.  He presented a brilliant documentary last week on our NZ screens. Such an influential man, with a broad following and circles that far outreach many. His documentary was broadcast into millions of NZ homes and I am hoping that it touched a lot of families and that they have at least started to think about the amount of sugar they consume.

If you didn’t see the documentary, here it is.

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The best thing about this story was seeing how a sugar addict can have beautiful skin, a tiny frame, good teeth and an overall picture of outside health.  Latta studied a particular ladies diet in depth,  she physically looked to be in great health. Yet when he delved deeper and we learned just what she was consuming in a day. It was, to be honest, disgusting! She even had a stash of sugar beside her bed, for those sugar crashes in the night?! This saddened me so much to see that someone who seemed so relatively intelligent was bound to sugar like this.

Latta, himself admits that he thought he was reasonably fit and healthy. He THOUGHT he was eating a healthy diet and then exercising enough to make it balanced. He seemed lean enough and thought he had energy. However, after cutting sugar from his diet - he lost 8kg, his Triglycerides dropped, he found new energy and realised how he had been suffering from major highs and major lows every day without even knowing it.

He admits that he never realised his diet played such a huge role in his emotional or mental status.

I guess, for me it was really important for people to understand what sugar is actually in, and how it truly is hidden in so many foods. Someone thinks they are being healthy by eating Cereal (laden with sugar, yes, even your heart tick approved muesli) with trim milk (also contains added sugar, as the fat is taken out, so sugar added in to make it taste better!)  Then a coffee (with sugar or trim milk) and maybe a piece of sugar laden toast as well, with Jam or even marmite (that also contains sugar)

It’s sad, so sad, the food industry has been allowed to do this to us.

That food is allowed to be marketed as “healthy” simply because the fat has been taken out of it is just wrong. Nowhere do they mention “yes, we took the fat out but we added extra sugar so it still tastes good...and we would like to keep you addicted”.

Children, tiny small children having to have their teeth extracted under general anesthetic because they had fizzy drink in their bottles? Honestly, what has the world come to, we need to educate our nation on the truth around sugar. A poor, helpless child with parents who know no better (we can't even blame this on money, as water is free and can easily go inside a baby bottle) and fizzy drink doesn't fill anyone up, it has no nutritional value, it's not even hydrating! Where is the problem starting here? It's starting at the top and we need the right protocols put in place to take the DRUG that is sugar, out of our everyday foods. We need education, and then we need AFFORDABLE REAL FOOD, so that our nation are eating nutrient dense goodness, to become a nation of balanced, energetic, healthy souls ready to lead the world!!

Sugar is an addiction. It is a toxic drug that people are addicted too. There is not a morsel in our systems that require refined sugar to function.  So for all of you who think you “need” that sugar hit after or before a workout, or in the afternoon to see you through…did you know you can actually survive the day without cramps, highs, lows, volatile mood swings, PMS, bloating, gas, constipation, sweats, anxiety and the list goes on. Yes, you can survive the day without the above, if you take sugar out of your diet.

You need to do it properly, and for a start this means making sure you add lean protein to every meal and that you follow it up with good fats (not the trans fats we find in chips, or fried foods, or even in our pre-packaged peanuts) but the saturated fats that give your body the energy and satiety it requires to function at its peak.

I could rant on and on, but you should come to our next Kick the Sugar Blues workshop. Don’t worry, we don’t rant, we actually give you tools and basic knowledge to make your own intelligent decisions about food. We help you find ways to beat the blues and to live a clean eating lifestyle. For you and your family.

My son ate 10 little jelly beans on the weekend, he is just about to turn 4. He eats a clean diet free of refined sugar, sure he eats fruit, dates, prunes, honey and a little coconut sugar sometimes, but he doesn’t get lollies, ever (well, when I am in control of the diet) and as far as I am concerned sweets and sugar are the devil. Anyway, he ate these jellybeans that he was given and within 20 minutes he LOST HIS RAG, he was inconsolable, complaining of an itchy body, he was talking about things that weren’t even happening, he was grizzling and crying out for more JELLYBEANS (aka pure sugar balls) he wouldn’t walk properly or act normally. Yeah – he is 3, and I know 3 year olds aren’t perfect, but this was so out of whack, and so scary to watch. My husband and I knew exactly what was happening and we felt so guilty. We couldn’t get angry at the kid, it wasn’t his fault, he had been drugged, it was terrible. We just had to blame ourselves, drive to the nearest sushi shop and buy him some protein and water! Chicken sushi soon sorted him out and his blood sugars returned to normal.

Seriously people, sugar just aint pretty!

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Written by Jess Eastwood