Competitively Addicted - Addiction of any type is not healthy

Six months ago I was training hard, loving every minute of it, but wrapped up in a crazy competitive world. I was too scared to miss a run or a workout due to the fear that it would put me on the back foot compared to those around me. Serious FOMO too! Heaven forbid I should come third or fourth in my team training class, or not be able to lift weights as heavy as the next guy - or girl. So stupid I know, but I can only see this since stepping out of that environment. What I can see now is how my competitive nature fuelled my exercise addiction.

Training hard and loving it!

I have always been a little competitive. Ok, Ok, highly competitive. As a child I always had to climb trees higher than my mates. In high school I played as many team sports as I could and strived to be the best but if I didn't make the A team then I figured what was the point. I thought that this competitive nature would be left behind when I was out of school and out on my own with no one to compete against, just myself to please and be content with. Yeah right, who was I kidding?

For some it’s pleasing others that satisfies us. For others it is a constant need to be the best or to overachieve - not just to be good at something but to be the best. Go hard or go home right?

I recently stepped back into the same team training environment, but this time with a very different perspective. While others in the class cracked the shits (sorry for the language here folks but what else can I say) if they didn't finish on top, I felt content training hard but with integrity and focus on just me. I had a new sense of satisfaction at the end of my sessions. It was quite enlightening to see how far I have come. 

So what am I getting at here… Ok I will get to the point.

We all have a competitive streak. Sometimes it works in our favour, but in my case, it was really having a detrimental effect on my health and I am seeing more and more of this in others, partially woman. Learning to control this competitive nature can be enlightening and I really want others who read this blog to be mindful of how this could be affecting you. Are you putting extra pressure on yourself to be the best? In your work, in your relationship, in fitness, your diet? Is this added internal pressure, driven by your competitive nature, overwhelming your lifestyle and creating addictive habits? It gets you thinking right?

Learning to relax and take the competition out of exercise. 

Addiction of any type is not healthy. Too much of anything is not good for you. Trying to be the best at everything will wear you down, affect your health and have a ripple effect on the rest of your life.

Take a step back, and ask yourself, are you competitively addicted to something in your life?

Written by: Arna Craig