Women of Wanaka: Sophie Melville - Life is a lesson, take it, don’t miss it.

Tell me if you can relate to the following: When someone asks you how it’s going, you take a deep breath, and say “busy”, you are flying by the seed of your pants half the time just in order to fuel your ambitious nature and you have a constant desire to start new project even though you have a serious lack of free time. In short, you’re an over achiever, a starter, a woman with high expectations.

Sophie and her Keepsake Frames

There is a lot of pressure on women to perform, to be successful as a mother, a friend, a wife, a businesswoman – but where does that pressure come from. Others? No. It comes from within. Why? And how do we deal with it?

This week we caught up with one of our fabulous and inspiring clients: Sophie Melville.

Sophie is a 'rushing woman'. With two gorgeous kids under 5, three businesses and a number of other start up projects on the go, she is on the go – all day everyday. Just having Sophie sit still for 40 minutes while we caught up over a cup of peppermint tea (she is cutting coffee for a bit), was hard work.

But Sophie has recognized that living life as a 'rushing woman' is not doing her any favours. Sophie may have grown up in the city – Auckland in fact – but you could not find someone who is any less of a city girl. Loving Wanaka for it’s small town feel, ‘drop in time’ with friends and it’s stunning environment, Sophie has decided she needs to stop and smell the roses.

‘Life is a lesson, take it, don’t miss it” – Sophie says.  But like all of us, it takes life's lessons to teach us this. Hitting the wall earlier this winter was a wake up call for Sophie. Trying to achieve a full days work between the hours of 11am and 2.30pm, starting a new business (www.keepsakeframes.co.nz check it out is cool!), keeping the kids fed, educated, stimulated and happy, she got sick. 

Step in Square One Health and Nutrition. 

Sophie has decided to make some changes, and taking time to remember the basics is the first step. We live in a world we are over stimulated 24/7 and we are simply so busy that we forget these basics. Sleep, water, and real food. So for Sophie it’s time to create a lifestyle that nourishes her, and doesn’t deplete her of energy and time.

Sophie inspired us to write this post with her strength and reliance but most of all her openness to making a change. Sophie is a strong woman, and just needed a little direction. So with a little bit of planning, she is working with us to tailor a new lifestyle strategy. Sophie wont slow down, we know this, but if she is going to be busy, then we want her spending her time doing the right things, getting the basics right and fueling her body to handle life’s challenges. 

Sophie says - “I know that when I am a Grandma, Ill still be learning.”

Won't we all! 


Thanks Sophie for allowing us to share your story!


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Written by: Arna Craig