Square One Wellness Workshops

Working together to achieve the ultimate wellbeing


I love workshops. I love the audience interaction and always work to deliver each workshop according to our unique audience's feedback and needs.

I work with absolutely everyone!

Retail staff, customer service staff, early childhood, primary and secondary school teachers, retreats, HR personnel, students, yoga and gym clientele and I offer workshops to the general public. Please feel free to contact if you would like to discuss the option of holding a workshop with your staff, friends or even as a draw card for your business.

I currently offer 3 different workshops but will happily create new workshops to suit your requirements. I love coming up with new ideas so just let me know what you would like to focus on and I will create the perfect workshop for you.


current workshops include:

Kick the Sugar Blues - Here we discuss what, why, how and where sugar plays a role in our overall health and wellbeing. I break everything down surrounding the hype and statements surrounding sugar and I provide you with ways to eliminate refined sugar from your family's diet. I don't tell you what to do, I simply offer an holistic approach to the whole 'sugar blues' situation, and help you understand WHY you feel the way you do.

Leadership Wellness - this workshop is tailored to suit people in leadership roles who tend to operate at full capacity helping others, but not necessarily helping themselves. We discuss exercise and its benefits, ways to exercise when you have no time. We also discuss nutrition and diet and simple ways to break habits or unintentional self sabotaging situations. I will break down cravings and help our listeners understand why they are doing the things they do, when they most likely know much better!

Beat the Stress - This workshop is designed to help people understand why they are feeling stressed, how they came to find themselves in this situation and how they can help themselves through it. I discuss the parasympathetic system, overwhelm (who hasn't suffered from that horrible overwhelming feeling at some point in their lives!) and I discuss feeling guilty about taking a break or looking after yourself! We also delve into general wellness and offer our audience many tips to take with them.

In all of our workshops I provide:

  • Handouts with keynotes for our audience to write notes on throughout and to take home with them.
  • Sweet, healthy treats to keep everyone's blood sugars topped up and to show how simple it is to create a healthy snacks 
  • Spot prizes, hampers, giveaways and laughter
  • And of course a special positive affirmation cards for each participant.
  • I also offer our knowledge and support after the workshops are finished by providing the audience with our contact information so they are able to email or call us with any follow up questions about any topics discussed

I am here to help and guarantee a fun, knowledge filled hour with our workshops. I aim to please and keep everyone happy and connected throughout. 


Here is some of the feedback we have had from recent workshops:

"Brilliant presentation girls! Wow you both did so well - kept it factual, interesting, funny and tied every point back in , wow, so impressive, and I have learnt a lot. The best things you taught me was not to cut sugar out but to eat other foods that will simply replace it, brilliant!" - Sandra 

"P.S I had barley with dinner tonight instead of pasta, and wow did I feel calm and balanced too - same for the kids" - Sophie 


 "You guys have certainly opened my eyes to a few things and thank you so much for sharing your own stories as I could relate to the PMS one very well!" - Tracey 

"What a great seminar last night! Have to admit I did walk away feeling a bit overloaded with information (in a good way). The circle of life has definitely brought to my attention some things I need to put some energy into. As of today I am starting a food diary, as I want to try and pin point when the cravings hit and also have a good at what is going in my body." - Janet