If you are tired, overwhelmed, suffering from a little extra flab, confused, stressed, battling headaches, cravings and PMS...then you need a One on One Personalised Health and Lifestyle Program.

Say Goodbye to the Cravings, Lethargy, Overwhelm, Extra Flab, Headaches, Constant Illness, Lack of Motivation, PMS, Stress, Irritability and the rest!

My Personalised Health & Lifestyle Programs will provide you with the support, information, inspiration and motivation to be your best self both inside and out. Say goodbye to all the shite, and hello to a life of happy control, understanding, health, fitness and body ownership. You will become a master at balancing your own life. I am available for Skype, Phone, Email sessions or Face to Face. I also come with all kinds of giveaways!

"Always so good to catch up with you Jess, you're just what I need in my life. You're awesome - such a breath of fresh air" - Loz Ferguson

I promise to help with:

  • The irrational moods
  • Food binges and self hatred  
  • Calming inflammation - allergies, skin issues, auto immune diseases, hormonal issues
  • Balancing your intake of fats
  • Finding your energy and sex drive again
  • Constipation and diarrhoea
  • Adding nourishment in all aspects of your life
  • Satisfying your cravings
  • Fitness goals
  • Understanding why you make the choices you do
  • Helping you to enjoy home cooking and creating for others
  • Changing the habits you want to kick
  • Achieving your health and wellness goals
"The thing with Jess is that she kind of sneaks in under your radar.  I have no idea how she does it but all of a sudden she has changed your life for the better.  Little by little (and clearly in exactly the right order!) Jess gives you the skills and introduces the thoughts you need to be healthier and happier, she is the most motivating and positive person to have by your side – which is exactly where she is in person and by email and text message for the entire program.  I felt completely overwhelmed in all aspects of my life and within 6 short months completely in control, all without feeling like I had been instructed to do so.  Jess teaches you how to help yourself." - Hayley Purnell

Receive a FREE e-recipe book with whole food recipes from Health coaches all over the world, when you sign up for a personalised program.

How the Personalised Health & Lifestyle Program Process Works:

  • Initially I will meet with you for a Health History consultation. This is a chance to discuss your current situation and everything that is going on in your world at the moment.
  • Then we begin to work together to set your desired results in regards to diet, exercise, relationships, career, family, friendships, self-esteem, work and everything else that goes on in your world.  We set goals together, and create a road map to achieving everything.
  • We will meet every 2 weeks for around 45 minutes and check-in (however, your Health strategist will always be available via email, and offer constant support when required).
  • During consultations, I will provide you with enriching guidance and information based on your individual needs.
  • I will work with you to find the best physical activities to support your body and lifestyle.
  • I will happily go through your own pantry and fridge with no judgement and suggest simple changes that will work for you, we will even make shopping lists together or we can work on new exercise regimes that suit your body and your time constraints.
  • I am on hand to establish why you have certain cravings, and how to reduce them.
  • I will provide you with information on certain allergies, situations, ailments, illnesses, problems that relate to you and help with honest solutions for your body.
  • I will set and accomplish goals together, in a way that works for you.
  • All of this will lead to increased energy levels, a state of emotional, physical and mental balance, reduces stress and a sense of accomplishment and gratification. We help you find your inner strength!
  • My aim is to inspire you in the kitchen and we will provide you with new recipes which are tailored to yours and your families individual needs.

You will have my constant commitment and humble approach to making your life work for you without judgement.

Do not expect a list with rules on it!

Expect someone who will listen to everything that is happening in your world, and someone who can help you create lifestyle changes that suit your life.  Expect accountability for your decisions and support.  Through time, talking, listening and planning we will have you smiling from ear to ear, walking the walk you want to and talking the talk you love most.  

Be the rockstar you are meant to be!

"Thanks for today, I always see the bright side of life after seeing you" - Hayley Purnell
"You are MY wonder woman, I owe it all to you" - Sophie Melville
"I feel honored to be working with you, I am so excited for my future again, thank you!" - Nadine Perry
"I completed a six month program with Jess a few months ago after approaching her because I felt exhausted, overweight and had a chronic sinus infection that was out of control.  I felt that whatever was fuelling my body could and should be better and more effective.  I had done a lot of internet research but I just could not find an answer…..turned out that there wasn’t just one simple answer, it was a combination of subtle changes to mind, body and soul that would give an end result that I have been so completely astounded and delighted with!" - Hayley
"Over the past couple of weeks I have become so much more conscious of what I am putting in my body and how it is making me feel. A few cheese and crackers with my parents.... Not a good tummy the next day:( I feel like Im finally able to know how to listen to what food is doing to my body and what it is my body needs! "- Alice Wilks

"I am amazed at how calm I feel, its quite surreal, believe me usually I'm not calm, I've stopped eating bread and pasta and I've quit sugar, no biscuits, chic, sweet drinks. I did go out for dinner last week and my friend cooked a beautiful meal, everything was full fat and made from scratch, nothing processed, it was delicious" - Stephanie Georgalli

"One of the main reasons I joined up was to see if changing my eating habits would help me with he horrid PMS I got. I would have tiredness, tears, and be the biggest b*tch known to mankind. I could only just function with work and had nothing left for any fitness. I have now taken myself off the pill and am looking at different options. This month, I didn’t even know I was in my cycle until I got cramps this morning!!!!! and the only thing I have changed in regards to this is my eating habits. Proof is here that what goes in controls how your body feels and reacts to itself when going through changes." - Tracey

"Just a quick message to say thank you so much for such a fantastic programme I have learnt so much and even though I thought I knew a lot (I had so much to learn) I think the greatest impact has been having the tools to implement change and being able to educate {my husband} on lots of things. We now eat as organically as possible which has probably been one of the biggest changes. I discovered though the food diary that I am allergic to egg (it wasn't my thyroid as I had thought for so long!). I will definitely recommend the programme to people. Keep up the awesome work and you are having such a positive impact on so many lives."  - Sarah Johnstone

Please contact us to book a time for your initial consultation or to just have a chat to see if Health Coaching is what you need?

 A Personalised 10/12 Week program is $99.00 per week. 

Receive a FREE e-recipe book with whole food recipes from Health coaches all over the world, when you sign up for a personalised program.