You know that you should choose a piece of fruit or vegetable to snack on rather than a whole block of chocolate, bag of chips, or tin of sweets? You know you should go for a walk today, rather than sitting on the couch, or complaining that you don't have time.  You know you should put your screen away and try to 'be in the moment'? just can't, don't, won't...don't have TIME?!

Do You WANT to choose the best option for a longer, healthier, more nourishing life?  but do you TEND to choose/succumb to the option that makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, for a while...until the guilt creeps in?  Then do you ridicule yourself with an inner voice, and wind up in a worse headspace than you initially were? 


Then NOURISHED FOR LIFE is your next step.

Nourished for life is a fantastic, supportive online program that offers guidance, inspiration and motivation to help facilitate healthier habits, by making step-by-step changes to your diet and lifestyle.  I help you work on your relationships, career, exercise, opportunities, nutrition, every aspect of life and much much more.  To help you find the happy place you have been clutching at straws to get to (and best of all I promise no calorie or step counting!)

It's your turn now to embrace the opportunity to put yourself first and live the life you want to live. Alongside my constant support, NFL's private online community of like minded awesome ladies has helped all of the members get through the rough times, and given them a safe place to share their feelings, ideas and support, and has been the golden link to the program.  

It is time to let go of:

The Stress, Hormonal and Nutritional Imbalances, Relationship Imbalances, Irritable bowel, Allergies, Guilt, Confusion, Self Loathing, Anger, Tiredness and take control of your (soon to be even more) wonderful life!

What is this online health and wellness program all about?

"I Know we are only into our first week of 10 but can already see a mindset change within me. Am really starting to think about what is good for me, and not only with the food side of things.  To be honest my personality is that of a bit of a follower with new things so seeing all the posts on the forum from the girls is awesome and helping me with realising that it doesn’t/ won’t cost the earth to eat a bit greener, meaner and healthier" - Jeanette

"I am amazed at how calm I feel, its quite surreal, believe me usually I'm not calm, I've stopped eating bread and pasta and I've quit sugar, no biscuits, chic, sweet drinks. I did go out for dinner last week and my friend cooked a beautiful meal, everything was full fat and made from scratch, nothing processed, it was delicious" - Stephanie

I have created Nourished for Life to be an easy to understand, straight forward journey.

No one is left overwhelmed or confused.

You learn who you are, and what works for you.

You even make friends along the way!

Learn to live your life the way you are meant to and become Nourished For Life!

Nourished for Life will help you learn new lifestyle strategies to approach and tackle your busy world with a balanced, healthy, self motivated outlook.  Live the lifestyle you want to live by creating new habits; mentally, emotionally and physically. Re-gain control over yours and your families lives, end the self sabotage, enjoy knowing you are doing what's right for your body.

Create your own strategies that will eventually become habits, habits that help maintain individual goals for your unique perfect lifestyle. 

The program provides you with a knowledge on nutrition and health that will become second nature.  It takes all of the confusion out!  Start fresh and discover the real you again.  Learn how to feel amazing in your own skin.

NO calorie counting and NO step counting.

The best part of this program is that you can do it whenever it suits you. Most members spend around 1 hour a week actually writing and reading and learning, then its all just putting your new habits into practice and thinking about it as you go on in your daily life.

This program runs for 10 weeks, but it's completely up to you how long you want to take to do it. I recommend opening a new module each week so that you can really make the lifestyle changes become habits over each week. However, you are in control of your pace.  

During your 10 week (10 module) program You will be invited to join a private and confidential forum where you will be able to post your trials and triumphs, successes and awesomeness! This is such a great space for everyone who shares health goals to find uplifting suggestions, comments and positive ideas. This group is purely confidential and only the people who sign up for your intake will be able to access it.  Each module contains video explanations, text and fun files/questionnaires/factsheets for you to work with.

(Remember the fun bits at school?'s kind of like that!)

If you were to do this program as a one on one/ face to face client it would cost $1250,

but I am offering it online for just NZD$249 for the entire course!

(that's less than a coffee each day! In fact it's only $3.50 per day!

Bit of a no brainer hey?

What everyone is saying about NFL:

"Just a quick message to say thank you so much for such a fantastic programme I have learnt so much and even though I thought I knew a lot (I had so much to learn) I think the greatest impact has been having the tools to implement change and being able to educate {my husband} on lots of things. We now eat as organically as possible which has probably been one of the biggest changes. I discovered though the food diary that I am allergic to egg (it wasn't my thyroid as I had thought for so long!). I will definitely recommend the programme to people. Keep up the awesome work and you are having such a positive impact on so many lives."  - Sarah

"Did my Circle of Life last night and was a wee bit scary in some aspects. Am still thinking of what it has shown me and might even re-do it as I think more about certain aspects of life realise that my initial thoughts may not be where they truly are (if that makes sense!)" - Tracey

"Thanks so much for your reply. Just wanted to let you know that the positive affirmation thing is amazing.  I have been trying to say it in my head when I get wound up and it definitely seems to be helping with the overall calm. Thanks so much.  Will reply on your other points when I get a wee bit more time but really appreciate your answers!" - Rachel

"I meant to share this earlier in the week.... I feel like I have been doing really well with my eating. Mostly if not all whole foods each day. Cut out lots of things I have been eating regularly.... Bread, crackers and pasta.... And Chocolate. Chocolate has become an almost daily thing in my office. And over the last two weeks or more I have not been eating it. On Wednesday after and full day of meetings... And no food I crashed and a friend bought me a crunchie bar which I ate without thinking... About 10-15 minutes later I got a seriously bad sugar headache.... It was awful!!! It was crazy! Haven't had anymore chocolate since. Had celery sticks yesterday afternoon instead. Was seriously proud of myself. If you know me you will know I lack self control especially around food. Over the past couple of weeks I have become so much more
Conscious of what I am putting in my body and how it is making me feel. A few cheese and crackers with my parents.... Not a good tummy the next day:( I feel like Im finally able to know how to listen to what food is doing to my body and what it is my body needs! "- Alice

"While we are on the subject of drinks...3pm this afternoon my colleagues said "anyone for a hot chocolate?" Usually I would have said yes, but you are keeping me on the straight and narrow. I think the whole "in it together" bit is very motivational and I am thinking carefully about everything I eat." - Jeanette

"I am amazed at how calm I feel, its quite surreal, believe me usually I'm not calm, I've stopped eating bread and pasta and I've quit sugar, no biscuits, chic, sweet drinks. I did go out for dinner last week and my friend cooked a beautiful meal, everything was full fat and made from scratch, nothing processed, it was delicious" - Stephanie

"One of the main reasons I joined up was to see if changing my eating habits would help me with he horrid PMS I got. I would have tiredness, tears, and be the biggest b*tch known to mankind. I could only just function with work and had nothing left for any fitness. I have now taken myself off the pill and am looking at different options. This month, I didn’t even know I was in my cycle until I got cramps this morning!!!!! and the only thing I have changed in regards to this is my eating habits. Proof is here that was goes in controls how your body feels and reacts to itself when going through changes." - Tracey

"A friend asked me about Health coaching the other day. I told her its worth every cent. It was just the beginning for me, it has opened my eyes to the other things and steered me in the right direction. I am no way near rushing anymore, I am so much calmer, quieter and immensely happier Jess; I owe you my health. So does my family as we have all embraced this new lifestyle for the better. its true what they say about stopping to smell theroses, as I actually do that now!!! " - Sophie


Q. How long does it take each week to complete:

A. Its up to you, what you put in is what you will get out of the course, the maximum would be 1-2 hours per week spend writing note, reading and watching the videos. Some people have it all done in an hour.

Q. Do I have to hand things in? Like homework?

A. No, not at all! You simply have your exercise book that you write your own information down in, print files out and take notes in. Then complete the tasks as you see fit, in your own time, in your own notebook. You don't have to complete the tasks - but you certainly won't get as much out of the course as someone who does.

Q. Why sign up for this instead of one-on-one coaching?

A. If you want to learn the same basic information for a fraction of the cost then this is your best bet. If you have a lot of personal issues that you would like to discuss face to face, and work through with Jess then one-on-one may be for you. The online course is a lot cheaper, but not as individualised.

Q. Do I have to share in the forum?

A. No, not if you don't want to - but I bet my last dollar that you do! Its fun, and everyone gets into it, sharing the wonderful progressions they are making, and the trials and triumphs. 

Q. Is everything confidential?

A. 100%

Q. Do I have access to a Health Coach throughout the course

A. Yes, definitely, I am here, online for you in the forum or via email to answer any questions or to vent too! I care way too much to leave you alone ;-)

Q. Will I loose weight

A. You may, or you may not, the majority of our members do, we have had a 9kg weight loss this week from one member!


Jessica Eastwood is a certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Health coaching could in many cases be alternative to traditional psychological services, professional counselling and methods and services that deal with nutritional and dietary requirements. Results are not guaranteed and using this service is entirely at your own risk, without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranty for information given, advice or opinion. The service is requested at he users own choice and with inherent singular responsibility. Health coaching advice is not intended to, and does not provide psychological services, behavioural or mental health therapy and is not to be a substitute for professional medical mental health therapy.  I highly recommend that you speak to your doctor before embarking on any radical new exercise or dietary regimes and that you monitor your health wisely and with caution.

By your action of purchasing coaching or consultation services from me, you agree to the following terms that I (Jessica Eastwood) am not responsible for any injury, illness, or other negative state occurring to you; I am not responsible for any injuries or dietary issues of any reader or client, as it is their life and their choice to consider my guidance in their fitness and diet regimens. I am not a doctor or physician of any kind, and you should always consult a physician before beginning a new diet and exercise plan and consider your own health risks you may already have. I am not responsible for any negative health occurrences due to neglect on your part of disease, sickness or condition that you do not inform me of explicitly when I request that information.

Privacy policy:

I will not use your images or information for any other reason than for the professional service that you have requested from me. Your information and images will not be shared with anyone outside of you and myself, and everything we discuss is considered private information. I will clear it through you before posting images to social media, the website, and/or other places for any reason whatsoever.  Anything you share or read in the group forum is to be kept private and confidential within those who are partaking in the e-program. Please use discretion and thoughtfulness when posting anything in the group forum and please maintain the mantra to treat others as you wish to be treated.

Refund Policy:

I begin work on your service immediately after you make payment, utilising my time and resources in your interest. A refund may be granted, however, in appropriate and negotiated circumstances such as a mistaken payment amount or other incident. I guarantee the quality and individuality of my work, thus, the reason for this policy.