Square One Chocolate Banana Date Froozies - Antioxidant rich, real food treats

We all need a sweet treat sometimes. To help the afternoon sluggishness, or to ward off late night cravings. Satisfy the fix with these awesome raw food, antioxidant, real food filled froozies. Developed in our square one kitchen in complete excitement!

Know your nutrients

Cacao (not cocoa) is un-processed, un-refined cocoa. Its the original form of the 'chocolate bean' its where the 'good' part of chocolate came from. Filled with antioxidants and magnesium amongst many other beneficial traits. Cacao is slightly bitter than cocoa, but once heated its natural sugars are released which enhances the sweet flavour. Combine that with your favourite coconut oil and honey and you have one super healthy, super delicious chocolate on your hands. Bananas provide you with trytophans, which are natural mood enhancers, potassium to lower blood pressure and anti-inflammatory properties. Whilst dates contain calcium, iron and magnesium. Yes, a delicious treat that really can be so good for you!


Square One Chocolate Banana Date Froozies


  • 3 bananas
  • 9 dates 
  • 1 cup cacao powder
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup Manuka honey
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon 


Place cacao powder, honey and coconut oil in a pot on low heat, continue to stir with a large whisk without letting it boil, aiming for 5 minutes of heat. Stir in the cinnamon.  As the mix starts to boil take it off the heat, we do not want it to boil.

Line a tray, or muffin trays with sliced bananas, add a date to each segment, or if using a baking tray dot the dates around the tray . Pour the chocolate mix over the bananas. Feel free to add any dried fruit, nuts or berries you desire, just make sure the chocolate is touching them so they freeze together.

Immediately place in the freezer and wait at least 30 minutes for it to all freeze. If you have made it on a tray, cut into segments. If made in muffin tray, pop each one out before serving. Devour!

Keep in freezer or it will melt.

Serves 9.