Woman of Wanaka: Sally Soper - Rehabilitation and Pre and Post Natal Movement Specialist

Mission, Power, Purpose and Heart.

Meet the truly fantastic Sally Soper. We are very excited to be working alongside Sally and her clients to help them facilitating change, and achieve and maintain ultimate health and wellbeing. We think Sally is doing amazing things in Wanaka, and we want to share this with you!

I have always been lucky to have a healthy addiction to exercise and my first introduction to training in a gym was at about 15 years old to strengthen for ski racing. After rupturing my ACL at 17 I experienced first hand the importance of a gym for successful rehabilitation and I was now hooked line and sinker! So next stop was a Physical Education degree at Otago University!

My passion for the health and fitness industry fully ignited I have been involved ever since and have been personal training at Pro Active gym for the past 12 years. I also love training outside, what a gorgeous training ground it is in Wanaka, and often sign up for some crazy endurance event just to make sure I can still manage that silly stuff after having 3 kids!

"Research proves that the more regular support you have from a trainer the more successful you are at gaining results. "

I firmly believe in the importance of setting realistic goals and having an experienced trainer to guide you through individualised training programs which will work for you and offer continued variety and fun in your workouts. Research proves that the more regular support you have from a trainer the more successful you are at gaining results. Let’s face it human nature is to slacken off if no one is looking or around to answer to!

Wanaka offers me a diverse clientele and I really thrive on coaching rehabilitation, the elderly and pre and post natal women.

I love what Arna and Jess have started here and I am so happy to think that this will make my job so much easier if my clients have their support outside of the gym.

Look forward to meeting you and hearing all about your exciting goals! We’ll have a blast!

If you want to know more about how a combination of Health Coaching and Personal Training from Sally can help you, then email us at realfood@squareonehealth.co.nz