Move Review: Hot Yoga Fusion Wanaka

Wow, what a sweat that was! I have to say I was not prepared for that amount of sweat beading off me. I even made it to the point where I took my top off and worked out in my sports bra, this has happened maybe twice in my exercise 'career'.  Hot Yoga Wanaka, you are an awesome sweat starter I will have to give you that!

Nicci Huston has set up a lovely Yoga studio in Wanaka. Here she offers Power Vinyasa yoga, Hot Yoga, and Yin Yoga classes.

I have been present in many of her classes and have to say; they all pack a different punch and have made huge differences to my body inside and outside.

Hot yoga - also known as bikram is practiced in a room heated around 38-40 degrees. 

Vinyasa yoga - is a faster paced more cardiovascular, fitness and strength style yoga.

Yin Yoga - is where poses are help for a much longer duration of time so you can really stretch out those tired muscles, and build strength in many of the poses.

All classes provide amazing health benefits for the mind and the body.

I am not a yogini of long. I really only started yoga properly in the last 3 years. I now have a huge appreciation of how it calms my mind and body. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years. It is seen as a science and has principles about the mind and body connection and these theories are now being proven by modern medicine. Yoga provides the body with physiological, psychological and biochemical benefits. The theory is that the mind, the body and the spirit are united as one during practice, leading to harmony and healing off the mat as well.  Yoga is therapeutic, it helps posture and alignment awareness, it creates flexibility and helps one relax even during very stressful times. I am a true believer that yoga practice has increased my energy levels, my happiness, my fitness and my ability to find more peace. 

Being addicted to running and HIIT (high intensity interval training) my poor body suffers a lot of muscle fatigue, stress, tightening, and the usual aches and pains. Yoga releases a lot of that tension, and really supports my body for a much faster healing time, and better performance in training.  I have also found that the constant 'go,go,go' approach I had to my training, needed to give at some point. I needed to find a balance, a yin and yang to my training, and I think I have finally found it. A way to calm my body and mind whilst still enduring a great workout.

What I love about it:

  • The studio in Wanaka is simply stunning, its new and fresh and clean, the teachers often have some lovely essential oils burning the corner, that are not at all overpowering, but just enough to put you into the right frame of mind.
  • There is a mirror across the entire wall at the front. Some may find this intimidating, but having now finally accepted my body for what it is, I find it fantastic as I can watch myself in the mirror and correct my postures so I am not hurting myself or guessing if I am doing it correctly or not.
  • Nicci has mats and towels for hire and sale. Which makes it easy for someone who just wants to test the waters, or for a traveller.
  • There are up to 3 classes a day on a week day, one at the crack of dawn, one early morning and one at 6pm, so generally people are able to make it to one of these times. She also has the studio open over the weekends for classes.
  • The teachers are fantastic. They are helpful, very knowledgeable, confident, considerate and motivating. They have a fun, friendly approach, whilst keeping the class professional and serious.
  • The teachers are very welcoming and accommodating of every individuals needs, based on their advancement in yoga or any injuries a student may be suffering from. A great environment. 

What I don't love

  • It is not open all day, so you can’t just pop in and have a chat about your class or concerns, you need to be down there about 20 minutes before a class to speak to someone. However, the website does provide a contact phone number if you needed to speak to someone.
  • Because there is only one employee working at a time, this person being the teacher, and given the fact that the studio is in a mall that is open to the public, once the class starts the doors are locked for people who want to enter the studio. Meaning if you are 5 minutes late to class you will be locked out, which could be frustrating if you had planned your day around it. (maybe it's a good way to be more punctual anyway)
  • Sometimes the Hot Yoga classes are 1 hour long, sometimes they are 1 hour and 30 minutes, most are stated in the time table but sometimes the teacher will decide on the day how long the class will run.  Sure you can leave if you have to after an hour, but you could be disappointed if you wanted to complete the entire sequence and flow, and relaxation at the end of class.

All in all I really have to take my hat off to this team. Without the entrepreneurship of Nicci we would not have access to such a wonderful Hot Yoga studio in our small town of Wanaka, New Zealand. Yes we have loads of other wonderful yoga teachers and yoga studios, but there is something so inviting about the warmth of the studio for the Yin and Vinyasa classes, and then of course the ‘sweatbox’ created in the Hot Yoga classes that draws me in.

So, if you haven’t I would highly recommend you give Hot Yoga Fusion studio a whirl. Please don’t be intimidated, as everyone has to start somewhere!  I cannot share enough how much yoga in my life has made a difference to my mental state, and to my body. I really hang out for my yoga classes now, as I know how grounded and focused I become after them.

Highly, highly recommend Hot Yoga Fusion Wanaka

If you would like more information please check out their website 

Written by: Jessica Eastwood

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