Holiday High - Out of town workout.

Do you suffer from anxiety when thinking about heading out of town on a holiday; worried you will ‘fall off the wagon’? Your eating patterns will be all out of sync, your exercise regime that took you so long to finally establish as a part of your daily routine will be lost, and all of your hard work will disappear?

Truth be told, I do find myself holding on to a bit of anxiety when I head out of town, sure I know it's great for my body and mind to have a rest, but if heading away for longer than 3 days I can start to feel that itch of needing to sweat it out coming on.

I started to research some great workouts, and ideas, but realised quickly that they all required equipment. Half the reason for going on holiday is to leave all of the gear behind and have a feeling of freedom. I do take my skipping rope with me wherever I go though, it's so tiny and light, takes up no room but can bring on a mean sweat at any time of the day.

Turns out I just can’t kick my exercise addiction, sure I have toned it down a notch or so when it has been required of me, but I don’t feel bad anymore for wanting to workout when others want to sleep or have a long lazy breakfast. It’s my day too and I’m proud to be me and to know what is important to me, to make my day better. My husband embraces this situation fully, he knows if I can just head out the door for a run or jump around like a crazy woman outside for half an hour that the entire family will benefit.

"Happy mum, happy family. Happy wife, happy life."

Even my children expect that I will head out and do something early, the majority of it done before they even start to wake. What a great example to set for them as well. It’s just the best feeling to arrive home knowing I have worked my butt off for the day and now I can enjoy my family and the town we are visiting for all it is worth, no guilt attached to my holidays! I even allow myself a few more treats here and there, or an extra glass of wine if I really want it.

Again, it comes down to balance. Know what matters to you, if you can fit it in with everyone else’s timetables, or casually switch plans around so that everyone is able to achieve what they want in a day, then by all means go ahead – you deserve it! Alternatively, if you have been working hard and feel like your body really needs a rest then take the holiday time to rest, relax and recharge, you will come back fighting fit and ready to go again.

For those of you who are after a bit more than a great run with your headphones on, or a brisk walk with an old friend or family member, give this workout a shot.

Holiday High

Spend 1 minute on each of the following exercises, working as fast as possible, whilst maintaining proper form (to avoid any injuries!) Take a 10 second rest/break between each minute.

  1. Single Skips
  2. Squats
  3. Push ups
  4. Sit ups/ bicycle crunches
  5. Alternating lunges
  6. Tricep dips
  7. Mountain climbers
  8. Sit up with oblique twist
  9. Frog squats
  10. Everest climbers
  11. High knee jumps
  12. Everest hops
  13. Double unders with skipping rope
  14. Plank
  15. Burpees

If you would like to know how to perform any/all of these exercises please contact us for more details.

Written by Jessica Eastwood

Do you workout when you are on holiday? Do you have any awesome workouts you would like to share with us?