Move Review: Tribe Team Training - TribeFIT™

The moment of the fitness smash up has finally arrived. Think HIIT, running, mobility, strength, and perhaps a little bit of something from the Zoo or as they call is at Tribe Team Training "Primal".

Tribe Team Training - TribeFIT™

Now I am not new to Tribe Team Training and I have been partaking in TribeFIT™ for well over 12 months, but I thought this would be a great opportunity to shed some light on the 6 week training programme. I may or may not put your valid fears to rest, but if there is one question that you should ask yourself it's "Is it time to ask your body a different question?".

TribeFIT™ is a high intensity functional fitness programme design to make you fitter, faster and stronger. The programme is delivered 3 day's per week, each release runs for 6 weeks.  The programme guarantees to make you sweat and promises to deliver you a new work out every time. If you are crazy enough to take on a second 6 week programme, you still won't once repeat a work out. 

"The moment of the fitness smash up has finally arrived."

The muscle-building, sweat inducing classes last for an hour including warm up, but each work out is limited to between 25 and 35 minutes due to the share intensity they run at. 

Small group training is the latest wave in fitness trends taking the industry by storm. Large group training (e.g. Pump, Spin, Body Balance) have dominated the fitness world for many many years and most recently CrossFit has made a huge impact on the world. The timing for this style of training is rather fortunate, given the negativity in the press and some general attitudes towards CrossFit in some circles. TribeFIT™ delivers something completely different.

What I love about it:

The team sprit. You have the same team of no more than 10 for the entire 6 weeks. The friendships made and camaraderie built make for an electric training atmosphere.

  • Focus on mobility. More recently the creators of TribeFIT™ have been incorporating much more mobility into the warm ups and workouts, essential for balancing the body and keeping you flexible so you can fire those muscles when you need to. Think ninja type reactions - well maybe more like kung Fu panda for me.
  • Focus on technique. Repeat after me "Complete as many rounds as possible while maintaining perfect form." 
  • Research and development. Tribe Team Training are investing in ongoing research and development, meaning you get cutting edge workouts and education throughout your 6 week programme.
  • Primal. Never have I found an exercise more called the Alligator or the Inchworm so much fun. Yes it hurts, but makes for an exciting change. And boy, do they get results.

What I don't love

  • Intimidation factor. TribeFIT™ comes across as intimidating. The work outs are daunting but you are supported by your trainer and your team throughout, but I only know this having been involved for while. I think more people would try it if they knew this.
  • Is this level of HIIT necessary? I wonder if three times a week is actually too much on the body.
  • The clock. You have a time limit on most work outs. Of course this is necessary but if you do not maintain perfect for and technique while preforming the exercise and raving against the clock, the potential risk for injury seems high.
  • Rest week is not in forced: For those that run back to back sessions, a 1 week rest week every 6 weeks is essential. But this is not in forced when perhaps it should? This week would allow for growth and recovery and set you up in the best shape for another cycle would it not?

Tribe Team Training is based in Wanaka. They now have a selection of clubs internationally running the TribeFIT™ and alongside their other programmes. Check out their website for more information. 


Written by: Arna Craig

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