Jess Eastwood


Jessica Eastwood BCOM, HHC

Jessica Eastwood BCOM, HHC

Hey, I’m Jess.

Nutrition and Health have always intrigued me. I have always wanted to know more about what I was putting into and onto my body and why I was craving certain foods. What kind of energy they were being converted into after eating and if I was fuelling myself sufficiently before and after exercise. I also wanted to know how to eat 'right' without spending a fortune.

While I was simply eating the way 'society' suggested was healthy and training like a maniac I wasn't finding the results I wanted and I couldn't understand why.

I guess my journey officially began while working ridiculous hours in the corporate world of Sydney in a fast-paced role, training intensely every day of the week, partying possibly a little too hard, emerged in a stressful corporate situation and eating what I was led to believe was healthy, yet not enough to sustain the energy required for my lifestyle. 

I ended up with a complete hormone imbalance, major weight loss, PCOS, anxiety, fatigue and general 'grumpy cow' living. Having also battled an eating disorder for many of the pivotal years of my life, suffered from sensitive skin, allergies, mood swings, and an exercise addiction I felt I was fighting my own body. I seemed to be focusing purely on the destination (whatever I thought that was) instead of enjoying my journey through life. This was not healthy and was affecting everyone close to me.

Still with no sign of slowing down, not only was I imbalanced hormonally, I was also imbalanced emotionally, physically and mentally! Something had to give.  

"I decided enough was enough and that I owed it to myself to learn to find some inner harmony and balance. Always passionate about health and nutrition, but un-educated properly in the field it was time to gain an open and humble perspective on every single aspect of a healthy world."

I started to use all of that crazy energy to focus, learn and study about nutrition and holistic health. I finally began to see food as a fuel for my one and only body, to become stronger through rest, to enjoy massage without guilt and to balance my intense training sessions with yoga and calm activity. Oh and I started to stop feeling so guilty when I relaxed, hung out with friends or just let my hair down! I began to respect my body and self worth and was blessed with two darling sons, and over time created 3 successful businesses.  

After finding myself with a sense of peace and understanding, and humbly realising I was the 'go-to' person for health and wellbeing information for my friends and family. I decided I should take the plunge and turn my passion into my career. I was so passionate to be able help others live with gratitude for themselves as well as everything else in their lives, so I became a qualified Holistic Health Strategist through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  I am loving every aspect of Health Strategising and am so excited everyday to be working in a field I am so passionate about. I can't believe that I actually love my job, but I do!

With two beautiful children and a husband to nurture and feed, it could have been a problem to deal with their individual food intolerances, skin problems, and my own food aversions, however, through simple individualised nutrition plans, life balancing and knowing my own triggers,  I have avoided and now deleted many of our symptoms, increased everyone's gut health majorly and kept us sane!

"I am passionate and embedded in creating an environment where others will learn to live healthy, adventurous, fulfilling lives."

Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

If you are feeling stressed, exhausted, unhappy, hating yourself and generally out of control with your lifestyle, or if you are just trying to work out the best way to feed your family. Then I would love to work with you. I'm just like you, a busy, working Mum who needs balance and someone to listen to me!

No one person is the same, and I promise to maintain this ethos throughout our work together, to really listen to what you have to say and to work with you, rather than 'above' you to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.  Everyone needs a support system, regardless of their situation.  I have your back. Together, lets get you back on track and enjoying life in a way that is completely personalised to your lifestyle.  

Email me or call me 021595920 for a no obligation chat.

Client Feedback:

"Thanks for today, I always see the bright side of life after seeing you" - H.P

"You are MY wonder woman, I owe it all to you" - S.M

"I feel honored to be working with you, I am so excited for my future again, thank you!" - N.P

"Always so good to catch up with you, you're just what I need in my life. You're awesome - such a breath of fresh air" - L.F

"I completed a six month program with Jess a few months ago after approaching her because I felt exhausted, overweight and had a chronic sinus infection that was out of control.  I felt that whatever was fuelling my body could and should be better and more effective.  I had done a lot of internet research but I just could not find an answer…..turned out that there wasn’t just one simple answer, it was a combination of subtle changes to mind, body and soul that would give an end result that I have been so completely astounded and delighted with!

So, it’s funny that I have left it until I’ve semi fallen off the wagon to write this, but I have to say that it has made me realise how invaluable my six month program with Jess was.  The last couple of months were destined to be a tricky time, Christmas parties, summer BBQ’s, weddings and 40th’s…..and I suspected a few challenges would be in store, and I was right!

So last week I was feeling lethargic and grumpy, my skin was breaking out, it was dull.  I wasn’t sleeping well… last period was a killer…... *Light Bulb Moment*.  Safe to say I’d let a few things slip, although maintaining a lot of what I had learnt I had tipped my balance a little too far.  But it has been SO easy to get back on the wagon, I have the knowledge, I have had the experience.  I know exactly how every food I eat will react with my body, how I will feel, what supplements to take, which foods to avoid.  I know what will help me.  I know what to do to fix all this stuff and I am amped – I am excited because I know how fantastic I will feel in a couple of weeks, and even better in a month!  And (sorry Jess) I don’t need another 6 month session to correct it all, I can do it all by myself.  We’re one week back into it and my skin has cleared up, my energy levels are higher….onward and upward!

The thing with Jess is that she kind of sneaks in under your radar.  I have no idea how she does it but all of a sudden she has changed your life for the better.  Little by little (and clearly in exactly the right order!) Jess gives you the skills and introduces the thoughts you need to be healthier and happier, she is the most motivating and positive person to have by your side – which is exactly where she is in person and by email and text message for the entire program.  I felt completely overwhelmed in all aspects of my life and within 6 short months completely in control, all without feeling like I had been instructed to do so.  Jess teaches you how to help yourself.

I can’t recommend Jess and Square One highly enough, I have learnt so much about myself and how to be the best I can be.  Thank you Jess, you’re an absolute superstar!" - Hayley

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What is a Health Strategist?

A Health Strategist is a wellness authority and supportive mentor who motivates individuals to cultivate positive health choices. Health Strategists educate and support clients to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behaviour adjustments.

There is now a huge demand for Health Strategists. Not only are doctors hiring more Health Strategists than ever before, but patients are learning that working with a Health Strategist is one of the most effective ways to improve their health. 

Treat the cause, not the illness

As more and more awareness is given to preventative care, health strategising is seen as a vital aspect of creating healthy lifestyle changes. Health strategists are recognised as essential and integral parts of people’s health and wellbeing.

Not only is there a shift to live healthier lives, people are finding that helping others become healthier makes their lives better too.