How many times have you said "I'll start tomorrow"...

and then tomorrow comes and you say "I'll start tomorrow"?

How many times have you ended up cancelling out after the first week or your new running regime because your body is too sore to carry on, or you found it lonely, or you lost motivation, or you didn't see the point? Only to find yourself winding up more miserable than you were to begin with?

  • What if you had someone waiting at the beginning of the flat running track for you?
  • What if you had a plodders pack of like minded girls, ready for a chat and some fun running? 
  • What if you had someone to assist you with a fail safe 8 week plan to get you running 5km/30 mins non-stop?
  • I will be there rain, hail, shine, wind, clouds waiting for you (with a smile of course) you bet your bottom dollar you will show up!
  • During our walk and jog training you will gradually build yourself up to be able to run at a constant pace for 30 minutes (around 5km).  

GIRLS ON THE RUN BEGINNER is about like minded women meeting up to have a chat, motivate each other and succeed at achieving an awesome goal together!  

We are NOT about racing, wearing the latest running gear or smashing our bodies so hard that we can't breathe, talk, let alone walk and function the next day.  Girls on the run, is a team meet up twice a week, for 30 mins of walking -> plodding -> jogging -> running.  If you used to run and want to get back into it, or if you wish you could run for 5km/30 mins non-stop in 8 weeks time, then this group is perfect for you!

"Just wanted to say thanks for the running group.  I was in a mental slump before joining up and it really helped me feel more positive and uplifted about things.  Getting some time to myself without the kids also helped I think!"  - Eve T.

Accountability is key

Sure you can try this on your own, but you know that if you have your run pack to meet up with, and it's fun, then of course you are going to make it to the session.  After the 8 weeks you will be able to meet up with your kind of runners and have your own running buddy! 

This is not bootcamP:

This is a fun, friendly, welcoming environment where each woman is here to support the other. The program is designed to get you fit and healthy. We don't focus on speed or distance, you can focus on that when your bones are stronger and ready for it. Square One Girls On The Run has been tailored to make sure you do not overdo it each time. It is tailored to make sure your body is challenged, yet not broken!

The last thing I want is for your exercise to make life harder! Exercise is meant to make life easier. Girls on the run is about success, not failure.

We walk, we run, we jog, we walk. We talk! Before you know it 30 minutes is over and you are excited for the next training session.


  • I am not going to 'whip your butt' into shape by screaming at you. 
  • I am not asking you to run a half marathon or marathon after this (although you totally could if you kept training!). 
  • I  will give you 1 homework session that should be completed in your own time, but if you can't manage that then it's okay. You'll be back the following week to crack into the next session!
  • Let's chat life, relationships, work, children, housework, careers, health, fitness, cars, boats, jokes, whatever keeps you moving!! I will find your GO button. Let's have fun as GIRLS ON THE RUN.

    who am I:

    I'm Jess and I have been running in some form or another my whole life. From winning sprints and relays at regional championships as a vibrant youth (oh those were the days!) to participating in 10km and 21km races, I just love running. I've sprinted barefoot along racing tracks that are now supermarkets, I've run through forests, streams, mountains, snow and in circles around my back yard (just to get my endorphin release!) I even know what it feels like to wear 3 sports bra's to 'assist' my chest bounce during my breast feeding years!  I have run through the cassette and CD walkman years, MP3 players, I-pods, I-phones...I've clocked up a fair few KM's in my years!

    I have dealt with shin splints, collapsed arches, lower back pain, shoulder pain, anxiety attacks, breathing issues, sore and tired muscles all stemmed from running, and I have learned how to overcome the challenges running can bring, and am addicted to the euphoria it can bring as well.  I would love to be able to help you find that happy place, rather than the horrible "ugh, I hate running" one.

    My goal is not necessarily to turn you into a competitive runner, it is simply for you to have another tool in your belt to use. Your heart, lungs, blood and body will be stronger and healthier, your brain more alert and your moods less erratic. Running lowers stress, and burns fat!  With my Health Coaching, life and exercise training experience I bring to the table a kind and understanding approach, yet am trained to make sure you are motivated, inspired and ofcourse accomplish your goals.

    Kim is also one of the coaches:

    I’m Kim and I am an avid runner I simply love the high that I get from being out in rain, hail and shine pounding the pavements /grass / trail. I am a busy mum of 3 who knows the importance of getting some time out for me, in a way that works for me – running is my time out and my escape. I have a passion for running, run technique, injury prevention. I also appreciate how busy life is and that we often throw 100 balls in the air hoping to catch a few. Running has kept me strong, healthy and sane when trying to juggle life and like Jess would love to help you find your running happy place too.

    After spinal surgery at 20 I was told I would never be able to run again so I set myself the goal of running a marathon and so began my running obsession and my obsession over finding out how to look after my body, my back, and still keep doing what I love. Since then I have completed 10 half marathons, 2 marathons, 1 half iron man over the last 10 years and look forward to doing many more. I understand what it is like to come back from injury and start from square one where every step is an achievement and have also experienced the sense of accomplishment at achieving my goal – a goal that took me 12 years to get to! Along the way I made some (a lot of) mistakes both in training and races and learnt a huge amount about how to reach the finish line injury free, happy and healthy. I have been very lucky to be coached and educated by 2 great coaches. I have also coached running groups for kids in Auckland so really look forward to being able to chat with gown ups in the girls on the run group and look forward to passing on my knowledge and love of running / jogging and being outdoors to you! I promise you’ll end up as addicted as I am!  Whether your goal is a finish line or a lifestyle choice I can’t wait to be part of the journey. 

    If you used to be a runner and you need some motivation to get back into it, or if you have never run before, but want to then this program is entirely for you.  If you want to be able to chase your kids, ski/water-ski for longer, strengthen your core, boost your mood, lift depression, make new friends, achieve a goal, boost your metabolism, tone up your legs, arms and core, run for 5km non-stop, run 30 minutes non-stop and actually enjoy the benefits that running and exercise can bring then GIRLS ON THE RUN is for you.

    What GIRLS ON THE RUN involves:

    • 2 x 30 minute sessions a week of movement (walking and jogging).
    • 1 x 30 minute session to do in your own time, before we meet again the following week. Before you know it you will be meeting up with half of the pack to complete your homework together!
    • 8 weeks in total.
    • $30 a week (or 10% discount for full 8 weeks payment up front)
    • Make friends, make run buddies who understand where you are coming from.  Then continue on running with them after your 8 week session, for free! You will establish who you connect with, and enjoy running with and who knows what the future may bring as a girl on the run!

    Session times:

    Sessions run: Monday 9.15am, Tuesday 5.30pm and Thursday 9.15am, other sessions available based on demand. 

    Just let me know which two sessions you would like to book into and come along in your trainers and whatever is comfortable to move in. We run outside in all weather, so dress accordingly.  Locations around Wanaka will change, I will be sure to let you know where each running session will be, let's appreciate this wonderful place we call home!

    Email me: or call 021595920 to have a chat or book your spot!

    No intimidation here ladies, just GIRLS ON THE RUN!