Here are your secret weapons to help you throughout the Detox and Cleanse



Remember to drink lots of water during a detox - at least 2 litres a day if possible.  You can also drink herbal teas, including fennel, nettle, and peppermint.  Avoid caffeinated herbal teas (many green teas contain caffeine) and avoid coffee and gumboot tea where possible.



Avoid strenuous exercise. Light exercise such as stretching, yoga or swimming is a great way to get your daily fix, without added stress on the body.



Use natural personal care products such as face and body cream, shampoo and toothpaste, as well as natural household products where possible.  This will help to create the best conditions for your body to cleanse because it will not have to cope with or be stressed by chemicals.



This is a very effective addition to your detox because it helps stimulate the lymphatic system. Use a natural hair/bristle brush and always use it on dry skin, ideally before a bath or shower.  A complete skin brushing should take about 4-5 mins. Try to cover the whole body when brushing.  The direction of brushing should generally be towards the heart area.



Relaxing in a warm bath of Epsom bath salts helps to draw out toxins from the blood and takes the stress off the liver and kidneys.  Follow the manufacturer's instructions and soak yourself for 20 minutes.  Afterwards, make sure that you wrap up warm and relax.



Sessions of massage and colonic hydrotherapy can help you get the most out of the cleansing process, especially if you thin you are likely to, or find that you do, experience detox symptoms.