When you have completed your detox you should introduce cooked food slowly, beginning with plant foods and choosing organic wherever possible.  It's really important that you do not shock your body after the last day of the detox. Please continue to avoid alcohol and caffeine during the post-detox, and if desired re-introduce them in small amounts afterwards.

On Day 1 Post detox:

Try breakfast of a fruit salad with some natural yogurt or a fresh fruit smoothie made with berries and a non dairy milk (e.g coconut milk, rice milk, oat milk).

Lunch could be a large salad with some steamed vegetables and some feta. Simply dress with olive oil and lemon juice.

Dinner would bea large salad with green leaves and steamed vegetables and some hummus.  Brown rice, millet or quinoa with vegetables and olive oil dressing.

On Day 2 Post detox:

Try oats or millet porridge for breakfast, with almond or rice milk.  Rye bread with avocado or almond nut butter, or a fruit salad with yogurt, nuts and seeds. 

For lunch a large salad with green leaves and beans, lentils or seeds. Some bread with no-wheat and nut butter, hummus or avocado, and a boiled egg. 

For dinner try plenty of cooked or raw vegetables, a small portion of fish - preferably steamed or grilled.

NOTE: You do not need to eat ALL of the food stated above, these are just gentle ideas to bring cooked food, grains and dairy back into your system.