Say Goodbye to the Confusion, Cravings, Overwhelm, Anxiety, Headaches, PMS, Stress, Irritability, Guilt and the rest.

Say Hello to more Energy, Self Awareness, Enthusiasm, Self Kindness, Achievements and Bloody Great Days of doing what YOU want to do with energy!

Let's head back to Square One and make Your Fresh Start!


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Founder of Square One Health   |   Health & Wellness Coach  

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Jess Eastwood is a Registered Holistic Health Coach from the School for Integrative Nutrition

"It has been amazing working with you over the last few months, it has really opened me up to living a full whole life and I am on a journey now to really heal both my emotional and physical self. I am now starting to understand that food is not the enemy and neither is my body. I am feeling the most in tune with my body than I ever have and I think it is leaking in to every aspect of my life." - Erica

"I have appreciated all the encouragement you have given me so far it has been the best ever positive changes for my and my families life" - Rachel

"The thing with Jess is that she kind of sneaks in under your radar.  I have no idea how she does it but all of a sudden she has changed your life for the better.  Little by little (and clearly in exactly the right order!) Jess gives you the skills and introduces the thoughts you need to be healthier and happier, she is the most motivating and positive person to have by your side – which is exactly where she is in person and by email and text message for the entire program.  I felt completely overwhelmed in all aspects of my life and within 3 short months completely in control, all without feeling like I had been instructed to do so.  Jess teaches you how to help yourself." - Hayley

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